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with his latset release, "The Dark Door", featuring Bobby Moore on production and additional guitars!

RicHarter is Harter Attack!
On his previous releases he features many famous recording artists, such as guitar player Mark Cunningham from Rick Derringer and Heaven!
Bass player Kip Lemming and drummer Sandy Slavin from Riot!
Dan Lilker bassist for Anthrax, Nuclear Assult, and Brutal Truth!
Glenn Evans drummer and producer, he was in Nuclear Assult, Twisted Sister, and TT Quick!
Anthony Bramante ex-guitarist for Nuclear Assult!
Bill Barrens guitar player, producer and a current member of Master Mind!

   Harter is currently performing on The Sunset Strip, and has finished a live video interview with the amazing Jasmin
St.Claire, Mistress of Metal! Her show is Metals Dark Side
This interview was about the
"Rock 'n Roll" lifestyle of Hollywood and Beverly Hills! 

   Harter has recently been presented with a Schecter Guitar as a gift from  actor Andrew Bryniarski (A.K.A. Leatherface!) and Mike
Ciravilo president of Schecter Guitars! 
   Harter is proud to announce that he "was forcefully removed off the stage" during Slayers live performance on the
Jimmy Kimmel Show for stage diving!

  Harter wishes everyone a very pleasant day and Fuck You too! He currently resides in Beverly Hills. 
 Harter seeks new MGT*
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